Bio-R Research Institute, founded by artist Luo Wei in 2016, is comprised of members from different areas of the country, including archaeologists, programmers, artists, drama directors, ESP researchers, dancers, actors, musicians, hypnotists. Bio-R plans performances, coordinates art projects, collaborates on pieces, offers artists resources, offers lectures, interviews artists and works with publishers, while providing forums for discussion and feedback, with an emphasis on praxis and improvisation. New concepts of space have theorized that the boundaries between things are not progress or reaction, but on a deep interconnectedness of all things. By looking at the symbiotic relationship between our the natural and man-made environments, as well as the relationship between individuals, we hope to understand whether humans can develop regenerative properties through art. The regeneration talked about here is the renewal of consciousness, physiology, and systematic knowledge, is being able to think old concepts anew--and so our theme is bio-regeneration.

Bio-ReGenesis Project(2015-2016)

“B.R.A” includes artists and scientists Luo Wei, Deng Hanbin, Li Chengu and Zeng Burong. In Biology Renaissance Agenda Tour, they produced many large-scale devices involving in behavior, performance, image, painting, bioelectricity and internet propagation by taking Greek tragedy Medea as text. During the exhibition, the tam will implement long-time performance regularly for many times.