2008  Graduated from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Art High School

2012 Graduated from Central Academy of Fine Art, Bachelor degree

Currently works and lives in Beijing, New York

Founded  Yihette art magazine

Founded kongspace

Curating Exhibits


Village Poon Choi , kongspace, Beijing, China Poon Choi.

Aphrodite's wine, kongspace, Beijing, Chinese


The rhythm of psyche, kongspace, Beijing, Chinese

Solo Exhibition

2015 Crystal Planet - Luo Li, Amy Gallery, Beijing, China

2014 when what when we say we say artist, Amy Lee Gallery, Beijing, Chinese

2012 bystander, Berlin in Germany, the German media.

Group exhibition


Internal combustion, exhibition of female artists China, broad art museum, Michigan, USA

The revival of agenda second back biological tour, one-way space, Beijing, China

Biological revival tour first agenda back, Knowledge Press, Haikou, China

Art Utopia, UCCA, Beijing, Chinese


Kwangju Art Museum in Beijing Exhibition Center creation, Fusi Gallery, Beijing, Chinese

Union, Rong space, Beijing, Chinese

Second CAFAM future exhibition, Hongkong station, K11 Art Center, Hongkong, China

New perception, China exhibition of female artists, art gallery, Shanghai, Chinese

"In writing" Chinese contemporary art exhibition, the first time, Wenzhou's Art Museum, Wenzhou, Chinese

"Dynamic" again, China Central Academy of Fine Arts Art Museum, Beijing, Chinese.

Second CAFAM future exhibition, China Central Academy of Fine Arts Art Museum, Beijing, Chinese

Temporary residence permit, unicorn Art Center, Beijing, China


French art exhibition, Paris The Grand Palace, Paris, France

Unbounded code 2014 International Youth - new media artists exhibition, LAN Environment Art Center, Beijing, Chinese

The 50 anniversary of the establishment of Sino French project - nonideological double exhibition, ON Gallery, Beijing, Chinese

Spin structure tower - 2014 China young artists exhibition, times art museum, Beijing, China

Reproduction Chinese 80, an exhibition, BLUERIDER Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan